Fashion Photography Course


Fashion Photography Course in Delhi is designed according to the current Industry standard. The course structures are framed by the most experienced photographers of the school. It is designed comparing the world best photography Institute & college with the innovative methods of teaching.

This course covers the followings:

Fashion industries demands


Art and science




Portfolio making

Expert training

Live project

Commercial projects

Interaction with models


Jobs & placements

Many more.

Delhi Photography Academy has unique methods to teach fashion photography.

Apply now for the course and put your step to become the expert fashion photographer.

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Course Details

Your Journey till now


-Previous Experience

-What made you hold the Camera

-Your Thoughts


Science, Arts & history

This section we will take about the :

-Science & arts of photography



Here you will be introduced about the course :



-Scope & value

Basic of photography

In this unit you will learn:

-Definition of photography


-Factors Influencing

-Scope of photography

Understanding your device

In this unit, you will learn about each and every part of the camera required to capture the image.

Also the very technical part of the camera like:

-Mechanism of the camera

-how camera works

-Essential parts & their functions

-Camera body & lens

-Aperture, Shutter, image sensor, ISO

This unit has the professional level of teaching.


-What is Exposure?

-Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

-Exposure triangle

-Over & underexposed

-Depth of feild


-Exposure control



In this Unit you will learn everything about composition like:

-What is Composition in photography?



-Using negative space

-Controlling depth of field

-Focus & out of Focus



All though there is no such compulsory rule to follow to capture good pictures still these rules are standard proved to create stunning pictures :

-Rule of third

-Rule of Space

-Rule of holding

-Rule of exposure


In this unit, you will learn how to see the subject and capture the same what you wanted in the image.

Break the rules

You should break the rule this unit will be cover by the experienced mentor to share the really live photography experience with the students.

Understanding the light

-Natural light

-Artificial light

-Effects of lighting the picture

– How to overcome with the light?

-Low & high light situation


Studio lights and set-up

In this Unit, you will learn all about studio lights and how to set up studio

-type of lights and it techniques

-Equipment required for studio lights

-Key light, fill lights, hair lights, and backdrop

-Dedicated Flashlights

-Softbox and other types of equipment


Glimpse on types of Photography

In this unit, you will learn about different types of photography like:

-Fashion Photography

-Street & travel photography

-Wildlife Photography

-Nature Photography

-Sports Photography


Advance photoshop

This unit is Only available for Professional Students. You will learn the followings :

-Advanced Photoshop for photographers


-Importance of these tools


-Influencing factors

-Various Roles

-High-End photo retouching

Tips, techniques, and tricks

There are many things which are learned and earned by experienced and practice. In this unit, you will be taught about the unique




-Handling Situations


Assignments and projects

Students will get assignments to do. which will be mandatory to complete and at the end project submission is compulsory to get the final certificate and other benefits of the course.

Live practice session

The mentors will get indulge with all the students do to some live practice. This will be a professional level practice session where your pictures will be treated as stocks and will be published on the website and other media.

Photo walk

The photo walk will be in Delhi NCR region only. All the traveling expense will be bear by the students themselves.

In this unit, you will get to learn and to live practice with the mentors. which will help you to learn easily

Note: Any photo walk conducted outside Delhi or and traveling photography campaign will be chargeable

Live Projects with mentors

Opportunities to attain commercial projects with the mentors and expert photographers, with the team.



-Fashion photography

-wedding Photography


Portfolio making

In this section of the unit, a professional portfolio will be prepared of your clicks.

Website creation

The mentors will help to create on a professional website. Having its own significance and role to succeed in the commercial world.

Scope, Opportunities, and business

This unit you will learn the following things :

-Scope of Professional Photography

-Different opportunities

-Business opportunities and Steps to start up



The final projects and your portfolio will be analysis by the experts and reviews will be given.


There will be photography competition among the professional students.


At the end of the course, the student completing the course with positive grades will get the certificate from the academy.


Until this time the students will be a professional photographer for which the selected students will get placements guidance.

Note: we don’t guarantee placements but we help to provide opportunities to get placed instantly.

Photography Tuition Fees

Rs 25000

Course Duration

25 session

Regular Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Weekend Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Live training and assignment

Note: DSLR is mandatory. Non-DSLR users can use Academy camera under the guidance of mentors.