Basic Photography Course


One of the popular photography courses in Delhi, Which is structured as its name says ” Basic Photography Course”.

In this course, you will learn the concepts of photography and will get basic technical knowledge about the camera & it’s function.

We also provide some bonus material like photography tips, tricks, and techniques, but the major will we taught in the amateur and professional course.

This course is for those who want perfection in their day to day life picture. Owns camera but doesn’t have that skill or all newbies. This course will help you to capture your day to day life, traveling, family function, and whatever you wish to click.

For jumping into serious photography enroll for Amateur or professional photography course.

Course Details

Why Photography?

In this Unit, we will discuss your interest in photography.

-Why you want to learn Photography

-The factors that have influenced you

-Understanding your Interest to bring out your full potential

-much more …

Glance on history

-History of photography

-Evolution Of photography

-Evolution of Cameras

-Famous photographers


In this unit we will discuss the process of this course like:

-How this course will flow?

-What are the scopes of this course?

Basic of photography

-What is photography?

-Role & functions

-Scopes and opportunities

-Science and arts behind Photography


Understanding your device

-Body of the camera


-Parts & function of the body

-Parts & function of the lens

-Aperture, Shutter, & ISO


-controlling meters


-white balance & histogram

-Much more….


-What is exposure?

-Exposure triangle?

-Depth of field


-Shutter speed


-Exposure Controlling meter

-Over & underexposed


-Much more….


-What is composition?

-Its role, function and significance



-what is perspctive?

-How to experience different situation?

Understanding the light

-Natural light

-Artificial light

-Controlling of lights

Basic photo editing

-Basic photo editing by :

-Light Room

Tips, techniques, and tricks( bonus)

This unit is the Bonus for Basic photography course students.

Where they will learn some tip, tricks, and techniques to capture creative images.

Assignments and projects

-Assignments after every unit

-Projects to submit at the end of the course

Photo walk

-Photo walk in Delhi/NCR only

-Practice with the mentors


-Review of all your clicks

-Review of your project


Student will get certificate after completing the course

Photography Tuition Fees

Rs 6000

Course Duration

6 session

Regular Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Weekend Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Live training and assignment

Note: DSLR is mandatory. Non-DSLR users can use Academy camera under the guidance of mentors.

Arvind Kumar