Amateur Photography Course


This course is one step ahead of Basic Photography course in Delhi. It is designed for the amateur photographers, by the experts of DPA, to land in the field of professional photography.

This course provides the opportunities to:

-Enhance your photography skills

-Click professional level of pictures

-Live training session

-Interacting with the mentors

-Photo Walks-Assignments

-Tips, tricks, and techniques

Still, if you want to go and touch another level of serious photography.

Then apply for the Professional photography course.

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Course Details

Why Photography?

In this unit, we will discuss over student interest for photography, according to that the students will be taught.which will help to achieve the full potential of the student from this course.

Glance on history

This unit will talk briefly about the history of :



-Iconic photographers

– Evolution of photography till now



Introduction to this course with the process and stages. With following things:



-Mentors interaction session

Basic of photography

-What is photography?



-Factors influencing



Understanding your device

-Camera Body


– parts and functions Of lens

-Parts & function of the body

-Function of the camera

-Aperture, Shutter, ISO

-Viewfinder and all

-White Balance & histogram



-What is exposure?

-Aperture, Shutter Speed & ISO

-Depth of field

-Exposure control

-Under & overexposed

-Situation analysis & control



-What is a composition in photography?


-Background & foreground

-Negative Space

-Art to see the subjects

-Creative composition




-Rule of third

-Rule of space

-Rule of exposure


-What is perspective?

-How to change perspective?

-Role & significance


Understanding the light

-Natural light

-Artificial lights

-Analysis of light

-How to overcome different light situation


Studio lights and set-up

-Type of studio lights

-Uses & functions

-Equipment for Studio

-How to set-up studio

Glimpse of Fashion Photography

-What is Fashion Photography?

-How to become a fashion photographer?

-Fashion shoots training

-Interaction with models


Basic photoshop

-Basic Photoshop for photographers


-Photo editing

-Color enhancement

– Photo retouching

-Importance of photoshop


Tips, techniques, and tricks

-Photography tips to capture unique pictures

-Some Techniques to freeze the subjects

-Tricks to use in different situation

Photo walk

-Photo walk in Delhi/NCR only.

-Live practice under the guidance of mentor

Live practice session

-Practice session after every class

-Live training with the mentors

Live Projects with mentors

-A chance to do live commercial projects with the expert photographers.

-Professional level pictures



-Projects reviews

-Assignments reviews

-portfolio reviews


-Photography competition among the students.


-Certificate of completion of course

-Certificate of winner

Photography Tuition Fees

Rs 12000

Course Duration

12 session

Regular Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Weekend Classes ( 9:00 am to 12:00 pm)

Live training and assignment

Note: DSLR is mandatory. Non-DSLR users can use Academy camera under the guidance of mentors.

Arvind Kumar